Our Rates are the most competitive in the florist industry

Let's take a quick look at the math behind Media99's Florist eCommerce Package. There is a $49/month hosting and maintenance fee, and a $1.50 transaction fee. That's it.

Now let's apply those numbers to a typical local florist eCommerce situation.

If your flower shop averages 30 orders per month via your florist website, here is what your invoice will reflect:
Hosting Fee: $49
Transactions: 30 x $1.50 = $45
Total Invoice = $94

Now let's look at some numbers reflecting a florist whose website generates three times that volume at 90 orders:
Hosting Fee: $49
Transactions: 90 x $1.50 = $153
Total Invoice = $184

What about during the florist holidays when your website gets more traffic than normal, such as Valentine's and Mother's day? Say, 300 orders:
Hosting Fee: $49
Transactions: 300 x $1.50 = $450
Total Invoice = $499

One more example. 500 orders from your florist eCommerce website in one month:
Hosting Fee: $49
Transactions: 500 x $1.50 = $750
Total Invoice = $799

The reason we charge transaction fees instead of a flat rate is we recognize the seasonal nature of the florist industry. The transaction fee, which is the lowest in the florist industry, enables the slower months to be easier on your pocket book. The busier seasons like Mother's Day and Valentine's day, while more expensive than the slower months, are still very reasonable. Unlike a flat percentage, say the 10% transaction fee that other florist eCommerce providers charge, our rate does not go above $1.50 per transaction. As a matter of fact, it only gets less expensive.

The above figures don't reflect the $0.75 transaction fee for transactions on your florist eCommerce website that total less than $15. We have set this fee to be half our normal rate to enable you to sell smaller items without eating up your profit. Now you can sell bud vases, single stem roses, boutonnieres, or anything you wish on your site, and know that when it sells, your transaction fee won't destroy that profit margin.

We invite you to get out your calculator, punch in some simple numbers, and see where we stack up to your current florist eCommerce provider. It could be that you are paying substantially more. (Of course, the opposite could also be true.) It is up to you to evaluate and decide what options best fit your company's bottom line and will help you become not only more profitable, but also more successful in the florist eCommerce market.

There are a few added services that we do charge an additional fee for due to the time and/or programming they require. These pay services are always optional, and you will never be forced to use them.

Of course, if you have any questions about our rates or services, feel free to contact us. A phone call does not obligate you to do anything. It only gives you more information so you can make an educated decision that is the best for your flower shop.

Service Cost
Monthly Hosting/Maintenance Fee $49
One Time Setup Fee starting at
Transaction Fees $0.75/$1.50**
Point of Sale Integration Included
Product Slideshow Included
Responsive Website Design Included
Organic Content Generation Included
Florist Website Banners Included
Site Updates Included
Standard SEO Services Included
Standard Analytics Services Included
SiteWorks Tutorials Included
Tech Support Included
Marketing/Merchandising Guidance Included
Pay Services Cost
Intermediate SEO Service $99/mo
Advanced SEO/Pay-Per-Click Service $299/mo
Email Marketing Service (Constant Contact Partnership) Price Varies

**$0.75 applies to transactions under $15.00. $1.50 for all other transactions