Florist Website Design

Spending over two decades in the florist eCommerce industry will put just how far the industry has come in retrospect. As one of, if not THE first company to specialize in florist eCommerce and website design, Media99 has had the time to refine the tools we give our florists, which gives you everything you need to succeed in the online world of florist eCommerce.

All Media99 Florist Websites are responsive from day one.

Media99 Florist Websites are responsive from day one.

Every Media99 Florist eCommerce Package comes with responsive website design as standard practice. This concentration on responsive design and mobile-friendly eCommerce ensures your customers will be able to visit your florist website from any of their devices and order flowers for pickup or delivery. Whether their device is running an Android, Apple or Windows operating system, the on-board browser communicates with your website and determines the best way to display your eCommerce website.

All Media99 websites are original designs. We pull inspiration from lots of sources, including other eCommerce websites and templates. We then recreate our vision for a florist-specific website based on the ideas we have gathered from exploring other eCommerce websites. As you know, the florist eCommerce market is a special niche in the internet industry and has its own set of special needs and requirements. When we design your eCommerce website all of these factors are considered from the beginning.

We are big believers that your florist eCommerce website should reflect your florist's actual style and branding. We work with our clients to match color schemes, images, logos and many other aspects of their florist websites with their brick and mortar establishments. Branding is everything these days, and your florist eCommerce website is an extension of your florist business. We work with our clients to make sure their florist's website reflects their actual florist.

Compare Flowers

Online shoppers are becoming more savvy every day. A popular and still growing trend is the ability to place several products in your shopping cart and and then compare them before you buy. Shopping for flowers online now has the same option.

Compare Flowers before you buy. A florist website first.Our florist-specific shopping cart allows your customers to select items they want to compare, and when they have them all selected simply click the "Compare" button at the top right of the category.

Compare just the produccts you want to see in our florist-specific shopping cartYour customers are then presented with only the flowers or products they selected for review. This allows your eCommerce customers to browse your online flowers and gifts, saving the products they want to see again and then make their final decision and complete their order, equaling a conversion for your business.
Florist Website Design and eCommerce from Media99
Swindler & Sons Florists website by Media99 Floral Website Design “Media99 has not only created a beautiful and highly functional website for us, but they have also provided outstanding support along the way.  The site interfaces seamlessly with our order processing software and the content is easy to manage.   Their knowledgeable staff is friendly and quick to help. I highly recommend their services to florists that want to have a professional, attractive, and manageable eCommerce website.”
- Jennifer Swindler, Swindler & Sons Florists
Florist Website Design and eCommerce from Media99

Integrate your florist social media with your website.

Social Media integration with your florist website is easy with Media99.Social media has emerged as a major player in 20th century marketing. Take a moment to look around when you are out to lunch and you will probably see many people with their heads buried in their smarphones or tablets. Many of these people are checking in on friends via Facebook, or they are tweeting to the world about how awesome their interview was. If they are a fan of your florist on their favorite social media outlet they will see the sales and promotions you publish. They will also post praise for your business when you deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers to their friend or loved ones. We offer guidance on using social media to get the most of these free and powerful marketing tools that your florist should be using!

Think of using these outlets to create excitement about your florist's eCommerce website! Most social media services are free, and when leveraged they can have a big impact on your flower business. Whether your favorite social media outlet is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ we are ready to integrate your feeds or "like" buttons into your florist website. There are many tools to manage your florist social media accounts without running yourself ragged, and we are happy to help get you started on the road to more powerful florist marketing!